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DPSI offers the supply, servicing and repairs of the following product in the various industries
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Power Electronics

  • Phase controllers ABB range of VSD’s, Sami F, ACS 600 & 800
  • Thyromat hoist and travel controllers for crane application
  • Siemens range of VSD’s, Simovert A & P, Master drive AC and DC
  • Control Techniques Unidrive V3 range, UniSP range and MentorDC
  • Siliconics CSI, and Safari range of VSD’s
  • Hitachi AC VSD
  • Danfoss VLT series
  • Alstrom Ac drive
  • Saftronic Dc drives
  • CHI, M&H automation, Allen Bradley, Saftronics, Siliconics GPS soft starters
  • Riello & Durapower UPS systems single and 3 phase
UPS Systems

Which include:
Small (single-phase) tower & rack model UPSs providing protection for stand-alone computers, servers, small & medium-size networks & telecom systems

  • Large (three-phase) UPSs up to 6400kVA in parallel providing protection for data centers, mainframes, high-end servers, plant floors, automation equipment and telecom systems
  • Power Monitoring and Management Software and Hardware Connectivity Accessories.
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  • Diesel Engine Powered Generating Sets, ranging from 10kVA to 2000kVA base load or standby application, with manual start-up or AMF changeover panels, and with options such as load sharing and duty rotation, sound and weatherproof canopies and bulk/day tanks.
  • Industrial Battery Chargers, in Standby and Switch Tripping applications (three phase or single phase input supply). Chargers are usually the constant voltage current limit type and are available in single, dual and multiple parallel configurations.
  • Compact DC Power Systems, for Telecom and other wireless applications. The systems, consisting of Rectifier modules with switch mode power technology with micro-processor control, battery shelf and DC distribution modules, are available in 24V and 48V nominal DC output.
  • Industrial Lead Acid and Nickel-Cadmium Batteries in vented or valve regulated technology with 5, 10 or 20yr design life.
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Electrical Services

  • Control Panels, which include UPS Input/Output Distribution Panels (complete with transformers), Filter Panels and Switching Panels.
  • Power Quality Analysis, and providing power conditioning solutions such as active/passive harmonic filters and power factor correction equipment.
  • Solar Systems, mainly for the telecommunication industry.
  • Design, supply and installation of electrical distribution boards, panels
  • Retrofitting of  motor control centers(MCC)
  • Electrical compliance of installations
  • Fault finding of motor control centers(MCC)& electrical distribution
  • Grading of electrical reticulation
  • Installation of energy efficient lighting.
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DPSI prides itself in the provision of an excellent technical support service, which include the following:

  • We have registered Installation electricians issuing electrical compliance certification for electrical installations.
  • 24 hour response to breakdowns or on-site repairs by qualified technicians  & electricians making use of hi-tech faultfinding equipment, such as Tektronix scopes and handheld devices loaded diagnostic software
  • Fully equipped workshop where repairs take place down to component level
  • Comprehensive preventative maintenance servicing and repairs offering various levels of contracts
  • Highly effective logistics and stock establishment of a comprehensive range of spares
  • Customer assistance a phone call away offering advice on power protection solutions, upgrading of existing systems and preventative maintenance proposals
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Richards Bay
  • Richards Bay Minerals (3yr UPS maintenance contract)
  • Richards Bay Minerals (5yr  Electrical compliance contract (COC))
  • Bell equipment UPS maintenance contract ( 1 yearly)
  • Richards Bay Coal Terminal (3yr UPS and Charger maintenance contract)
  • Hillside Aluminum
  • Foskor
  • Bayside Aluminum (3yr UPS maintenance contract)
  • Exxaro
  • Felixton Mill
  • Mondi Kraft
  • Transnet National Port Authority _ Durban & Richards Bay
  • ABB ( 5 year maintenance contract)
Durban and KZN Regional
  • SAPPI Saicor
  • HOSAF Fibres
  • Vodacom
  • Engen Island View
  • SA Breweries
  • NPC-Eagle Cement
  • Mittal Steel _ Newcastle
  • Assmang
  • ACSA
  • SARS Offices
  • Suncoast and Sibaya Casinos (UPS and Generator maintenance contract)
  • KZN Dept of Works (Hospitals) (UPS and Generator maintenance contract)
  • Ethekwini Municipality/Electricity
North West Province
  • Golden Leopard Resorts
  • Ratlou Municipality
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