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Here are some projects completed recently by the members of DPSI
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  • UPS design of 120KVA parallel redundant system for smelter operations RBM (R1.2M)
  • Design of UPS input and output distribution and reticulation systems, Hillside, Foskor, Sud Chemie &
  • Various VSD and softstarter design, installations, and commissioning ranging from 0.75kw to 2.1MVA (AC and DC) RBM  (R1.5M)
  • ABB Sami F range of drives fans and capacitor replacement project (870-1000KVA units) RBM (R1.2M)
  • Siemens Simovert P fans and capacitor replacement project (80-780KVA units) RBM (R320K)
  • Schneider Softstarter upgrade project 140kW-300kW (R340K)
  • Smelter Tripper Cars VSD installation
  • Project management on various electrical and mechanical projects
  • Stripping Crane VSD design, installation, and commissioning
  • 800KVA UPS and Generator installation at Sun Coast Casino (R800K)
  • BTU charger upgrade (Silicon charger units)
  • Slag Plant Silo electrical (RBM – R7M)
  • New cable and isolator reticulation to 150 Ton crane hot rail system (R1.3M)
  • Bayside UPS Upgrade (R1.4M)
  • North Screen Electrical RBM (R1.7M)
  • Golden Leopard Resort Generator installation (R2M)
  • Portnet Richards Bay UPS replacement  (R340K)
  • Compliance certification to industrial electrical distributions. RBM (R1.7M per year contract)
  • TNPA UPS project Bayvue & port control (R600K)
  • RBM MSP VSD replacement project R3M
  • RBM UPS Project R2M
  • Suncoast Casino UPS Project R300K
  • NPC UPS Project R300K
  • RBM North Screen electrical R4M
  • RBM Slag plant Hatfield crusher MCC upgrade R2M
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